Changeling: Independence Valley

Heart pounding and thoughts swirling as you fight your way through the thorns to find a path. A way out? Caught between human flesh and Fae magic, you are Lost. 

The story begins in 1866, the Civil War has ended and slavery has been declared unconstitutional. Changelings understand the bonds of entrapment all too well and what it means to be free. Word has it there is a town out west in the territory of New Mexico called Independence Valley, where Changelings have a community  amongst the humans. The Freehold of Independence Valley was established in 1861 and has been growing over the years with traveling Changelings and the Lost who wander in from the trods of Arcadia. 


We are running new World of Darkness Changeling the Lost 1st edition rules with some modifications and omissions. Our house rules and modifications are explained in our creation documents. We are using LARP rules adapted by our troupe using a 10 card drawing system.


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