Welcome to the home of LarpME Jax

LarpMeJax and the Midnight Espresso troupe is a community of live action roleplayers who operate out of Jacksonville, Florida. We are currently running one game genre with two others on hiatus while we look for a new facility. Our current active game is Independence Valley: A Changeling the Lost LARP. The two games on temporary hiatus are The Beast Within:  A Werewolf The Forsaken LARP,  and Ka-Pow!: A Superhero LARP using the Mutants & Masterminds system.

For a short description of each of the games, be sure to check out their pages.
For more information please contact us!


The Troupe will be having a PotLuck at our facility at 6 PM on Saturday, May 19th 2018. There will be food and drink, as well as the opportunity to buy out stock and pick up anything left at the current facility. There will be a Closing Facilities Sale open to the public on the following Saturday.